Daniel Prior, Lecture ”How a Horse Theft Becomes a Praise Poem"

Equestrian art takes many forms, even poetic. In 1864 a band of Kirghiz nomads in Central Asia crossed into China and stole a herd of several hundred horses from their long-time Mongol enemies at the cost of many lives. This unprovoked act of violence, which was an episode in a major outbreak of unrest, soon became the subject of a Kirghiz epic-like narrative poem celebrating the heroism of the raiders. Literature traditions show us that stealing herds of horses and protecting them from theft has held worldwide fascination for millennia. Daniel Prior, in studying and translating the previously unpublished manuscript of the Kirghiz raid narrative, found an extraordinarily well-documented window on the complex relationship between such historical events and the stories people tell about them.

Directions to the venue:
1. Enter Keeneland Race Course at Gate 1
2. Take the first right on Entertainment Court.
3. At the top of the hill, veer left into the Keeneland Library parking lot.

http://www.keeneland.com/discover/visit (select “other facilities,” choose the Library)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 4:30pm
Daniel Prior, Miami University (Ohio)
Keeneland Library, Keeneland, 4201 Versailles Rd.
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